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that was great! zombie-shrooms are scarry as shit, that`d some platformer.

feels like flying!

loved the plot, but the story can be extended by focusing a lil bit more on the bounty hunter. animation was good, perspectives, wind, dynamics... especially loved sheet animation in the enterring, but the details of the 1st ninja rope was poor.
loved movie a lot, thank you!

GRINACE responds:

Hey thanks bro. Yeah This is my very first animation. I only had 3 weeks to pull it off so its not perfect :3 thank you for watching though.

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what a timewaster

this is just ridiculous how could I spent time on this?

could have been as tetris...

genious in its simplicity, but this game made me bored in a few minutes of gameplay. I wonder if you probabbly could use keybord controls for the choise of action, as is not really comfortable when using a touchpad.
I`d also underline that the artwork kicks ass


I`ve expected to play a game like this years ago)
apart classic mario ambience this game has really severe physics, I suppose it`s a tribute to old nes platformer)
Im like really tired by now, so I havent even finished the 1 level, suppose there are some more of them...)
nice game!

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is it really THE BEST you can do?

not the worst idea, but I find that it sounds cheesy, I wonder who are those who downloaded this?

midimachine responds:

i think it sounds more egg-y to be honest

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I see that your school year started very fruitfull for you)
luks like a symbiosis of a camcorder and my desk boar drawer`s content.

luks a little bit too phallic)

I`m not the competent person to judge you but there`s something wrong with perspective, I mean that in the bottom shells seem to fall down the screen like if the were dropping down from a conveyor... also shadows look too sharp for me, I guess there was only one source of light in this piece? Maybe you could put some identification on the butts of them like " + .45 MAGNUM + MADE IN U.S.A. ".
must have took you aa lot of time placing those stingy fellas and a nice hardware too I suppose - anyway I loved the concept and the picture itself, well done sir!

Dioccino responds:

Ahahaha you know your points are all quite valid and I should implement them sometime. With even more bullets!


I`ve been watching through your submits lately and I want to say that your art is great! Favorited this one, shame it`s not your own creation (I mean the character itself), very well done though.
And here some suggestions:
Doesn`t it lack a moustache or something? Seems like a little too much of sponge tool used on a jacket, IMHO.
Keep it running!

Sephyfluff responds:

Thank you for your comment and critique! I appreciate it

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